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Michael Curran, P.C. offers a virtual law office setting to provide social distancing during Covid-19.

For families and individuals, I can help with estate planning and strategies to prevent financial exploitation.  For businesses, I can help with cybersecurity planning and disaster preparation.

Because my office is virtual, I can serve clients throughout Texas.

If you are concerned about improving your financial security, please contact the Law Office of Michael Curran, P.C. at info@financialsafetylaw.com.

How Can I Help You?



Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents can help ensure assets are transferred as intended.  Proper planning can address potential incapacity.  Many options are available for a reasonable, flat rate.  


Fraud Prevention

Elder fraud impacts thousands of families.  Whether it is scams, undue influence by a trusted person, or inappropriate business practices, you can create strategies to minimize your risks.



Data breaches are one of the biggest risks to businesses of all sizes.  I can help you create plans and policies to increase your security, reduce risks and address incidents as needed.  


Disaster Readiness

With events like hurricanes and even pandemics causing business disruptions, it is important to have a plan when disaster strikes.  I can give you the basics, and it is easier than you think.

Attorney - Michael Curran

Michael Curran is Texas attorney who helps families, individuals and small businesses with their planning needs to protect their finances.


Michael is a regular speaker on the topics of elder fraud, financial exploitation prevention, and legal technology.  He is a former Chair of Computer & Technology Section of the State Bar of Texas and a co-founder of Guide Change, a start-up focused on improving financial safety.

Michael Curran, P.C. is a virtual law office located in Austin, Texas and serving clients throughout Texas. 

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Pricing and Rates

How do I charge for legal services?

I can help you protect your financial safety in two ways: Concierge Legal Services or Limited Scope Representation.


First, I offer concierge legal services that are tailored to fit your specific goals.  For concierge legal services, I can charge traditional hourly fees or provide a flat fee based on the scope of your goals.


Limited Scope Representation involves a smaller scope of legal service such as preparing more standardized documents designed to work in most situations without detailed customization.  Limited Scope Representation is typically a lower cost legal solution that improves access to justice.

Please contact the Law Office of Michael Curran, P.C. for a free initial consultation for more information on pricing and rates.

Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, I offer a free initial consultation.  You can call my office to schedule an appointment or use the online appointment sign-up here.


Phone:  512-800-9017                     Email:    info@financialsafetylaw.com
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